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Arrived:27 February 1931
Departed:11 February 1933
Career:Ritson's Branch Line. Launched as WAR BOBTAIL and entered service as APPLE BRANCH. Sold and renamed PUNTA ARENAS-1933, SAN PATRICIA-1957. Broken up Ghent 22 January 1958.
Dates from Oyster Company ledger.
Shields Daily News of 20 Feb 1933 PUNTA ARENAS Ex APPLE BRANCH is in River Tyne (Hawthorn Leslie)

Liverpool Journal of Commerce reports:
26 Feb 1931 sailed Leith for River Blackwater [27 Feb 1931]
4 Feb 1933 reports sale of APPLE BRANCH while lying at Tollesbury
13 Feb 1933 arrived River Tyne from Tollesbury [16 Feb 1933]

"Haven of Rest" by Douglas Gurton lists APPLE BRANCH but has no further info. See DJG_SHP

Tonnage:4,452 gross
Type:Cargo ship
Owner:F. & W. Ritson
Official No:137271

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