Layer de la Haye History

The Story of Layer de la Haye by Mary Hopkirk M.A. 1934

The Story of Layer de la Haye since Saxon Times by Rev. James Allen 1964

The Parish Church of St John the Baptist Layer de la Haye by Cannon James Allen 1972

Memories of a Village Chapel by H.J. Hayhoe 1952

Abberton Reservoir - what was there before

1777 Chapman & Andre Map Layer and surrounding area

Layer de la Haye Images

This page is not a comprehensive view of the history of Layer de la Haye - it is a set of links to a few articles and photographs that deserve a wider audience. Many were previously available from

  Layer de la Haye
Forge Garage
Dick Last by The Forge Garage
Layer Treatment Works
Layer Treatment Works
Layer de lay Haye Church
Layer de lay Haye Parish Church