Great and Little Wigborough

Essex villages on the north side of the Blackwater Estuary
Great Wigborough was also known in earlier times as Muches Wigborough, and for a while was closely connected to Salcott as the Parish of Salcot-Wigborough.

The Wigboroughs

Wigborough's Charter of 947

1768 History of the Wigboroughs by Morant

1881 Boundary Map

The story of Wigborough Past and Present - 1965 article

The Villages of Great and Little Wigborough - 1966 article

Carriers and Buses

Shops and Businesses

Great Wigborough

1831 History & Topography - Wright & Bartlett

1905 description of Parish of Great Wigborough

1938 article - History and Romance - Great Wigborough

Wigborough Farm Names Project 1595 to 1940

The Parish Church of St Stephen, Great Wigborough

War Memorial in the Church

The Bells

New tower 1885

Church Seating for the Poor

Rectors of St Stephens

Reverend Llewellyn Christopher Watson Bullock

The story behind the brass of Henry Bullock

Ann Marke memorial

Married Clergy in the reign of Mary and Elizabeth

Church Briefs

Church Terriers - Great and Little Wigborough

Parish Records - Burial in Wool

Yates family wedding at Great Wigborough November 1941

Great Expectations in Great Wigborough churchyard

Salcott Wigborough Chantry

Congregational Chapel

    Joseph Picknett Minister 1762-1780

The King's Head, Great Wigborough

The Schools

Abberton Reservoir - what was there before

Brick House Farm alias Chestnuts

The Hyde, Great Wigborough

Rectory Cottages, Great Wigborough

Little Wigborough

1831 History & Topography - Wright & Bartlett

A description of the Parish of Little Wigborough

The Parish Church of St Nicholas, Little Wigborough

The School


The earthquake of 1884

Zeppelin L33 in Copt Hall Lane

The Wigboroughs in World War 2


John Simson and John Ardley - the Wigborough Martyrs

Bean Family

The Bullock Family of Great Wigborough

Victor Gray of New Hall Farm (audio)

Mazengarbs of Copt Hall Little Wigborough

Harry Ponder 1882 - 1979

Bernard Ratcliffe of Little Wigborough

Jane Sampson of Copt Hall

Jabez and Emma Wenlock

Local Tales

Edward Ponder
Barges, Pole Cats, local names for wild flowers

Wigborough Images - Pictures and Documents

  Great Wigborough Church
St Stephen's Parish Church, Great Wigborough
Kings Head Wigborough
King's Head, Great Wigborough
Little Wigborough Church
Little Wigborough after the earthquake
Zeppelin L33 Little Wigborough
Zeppelin L33 September 1916
Victor Gray and Gay Gordon
Victor Gray and Gay Gordon