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Ship:      CHITPUR
Arrived:17 April 1948
Departed:25 May 1948
Career:17 April 1948 CHITPUR arrived from India [Mersea Mercury 29 April 1948].
From Mersea Mercury 7 May 1948 [MCY_002_P03]:
S.S. CHITPUR. It is reported that this vessel was originally named VARTENFELS [sic] and was owned by the Germans before the war. She was captured from them by a British naval craft off the east of Africa.
The crew are to be taken to hostels in Glasgow and Liverpool to await departure in vessels bound for the Far East. Tuesday. The Lascr crew was brought ashore by Clarke and Carter. It was blowing a gale and the men were very scantily clad in singlets and thin clothing. They got very wet in the transit ashore; escort officials had not arrived and the Lascars became very restless during their long wait. There was nearly a riot but Mersea Police arrived on the scene and order was restored. The 70 Lascars were finally divided into two groups for travelling to Glasgow and Liverpool and left about 4pm.
Captain Heslop, who is Marine Superintendent of the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company of Calcutta, is now staying here on business, representing his firm, who are owners of the S.S. CHITPUR.
The Master and Chief Engineer of the CHITPUR are British.
From Miramar Database: Built as German WARTENFELS. Renamed EMPIRE TUGELA-1942, CHITPUR-1947, HWAH SUNG-1948, NAVIDAD-1950, HWAH SUNG - CHUNG HSING 2-1953. Broken up China 1960.
From Oyster Company ledger:
- 25 May 1948 Compensation 5 wks 4 days (from 17 April), S.W. Heilgere & Co. Ltd.
Tonnage:6,181 gross
Type:Cargo ship
Official No:168362

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