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Ship:      NEOTHYRIS
Arrived:8 Dec 1957
Departed:16 April 1958
Career:David Whiteley signed on as 1st Mate 25 April 1958 at Tilbury and paid off North Shields 22 October 1958. His wife Patricia accompanied him, on a voyage that took them inside the Arctic circle to the North of Norway. Patricia was signed on as a Supernumerary at 5/- a month, but at the end of the trip, she was also paid £2 bonus for crossing the Arctic Circle and £20 for "Contributing to husband's welfare and that of ship". Their daughter was born 6 months after the end of the trip. On the Account of Wages from from the end of the trip, the payments above exactly match the deductions of Rent at £1 per month (1st Class Accommodation), Cost of Decorating £1 6s, Light £3 10s, Heat £1 10s and food £10. Final Balance £0.
NEOTHYRIS was built Harland and Wolff and broken up Hong Kong 16 May 1960.

Oyster Company ledger first payment 4 weeks 4 January 1958, then 4 weeks 1 February 1958, and nothing further - but for some time individual Shell tankers were not identified after this date.
Voyage Record Card 1957 to 1960 inclusive Arrived River Blackwater 8 December 1957 from Stanlow. Sailed River Blackwater 16 April 1958 for London. The Card does not record a second visit at the time of the Fotoflite picture below.

Arrived 8 Dec 1957 from Ellesmere Port

Tonnage:8,243 gross
Owner:Shell Tankers
Official No:180810

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