ID: MARG_454

TitleWill of Robert Elmer of West Mersea 1644
AbstractWill of Robert Elmer of West Mersea 1644/45 transcribed from ERO D/ACW 14/55

Transcription by Jackie Twinn January 2024

1.   Anno dm` 1644 I Robert elmer of West mersey in the
2.   countie of Essex seaman being sicke in body but in good &
3.   p[e])fect remembrance blessed bee god doe make and ordaine this my
4.   present testament and last will in manner and forme following
5.   first I commend my soule to god & my bodie to the earth
6.   & my house and landes thereunto belonging w[i]th the appurtenances
7.   called Turballs [that is to saie] I give unto John Elmer
8.   my grandchild when he shall accomplish his age of twenty
9.   and one yeares and the rent[es] of the said tennem[en]t and
10.   landes I give unto Elizabeth Elmer my daughter in law
11.   for and toward[es] the education and bringing up of the said John
12.   and fower other of the children of John Elmer my sonne
13.   late deceased untill he shall accomplish the said age
14.   of xxj [twenty and one yeares] provided that in case the p[ar]ishioners
15.   of Westmersey shall bee pleased to see the said John
16.   Elmer my grandchild placed out w[i]th some m[as]ter that I
17.   will that soe much of the rent[es] of this my Tennem[en]t
18.   & land[es] as his placeing out shall come unto shall bee
19.   deducted out of it and my will is that when my said
20.   grandchild John Elmer shall accomplish his age of twenty
21.   and three yeares hee shall well and truly paieor cause to
22.   be paid unto Mary Elmer Elizabeth Elmer Susan Elmer
23.   and Robert Elmer fower other of my grandchildren tenn
24.   poundes a yeare and for want of paym[en]t thereof to all
25.   or any of them I will that they any or either of
26.   them not being paid shall enter upon the said Tenn[ement]
27.   & land[es] and satisfie theire or either of theire legacies by
28.   the rent[es] as they arise and in case John
29.   Elmer dye before the several legacies be paid then I
30.   will that the next heire at common law admitted to
31.   the Tennem[en]t and landes aforesaid shall paie the said legacies
32.   upon penaltie of such entry as is aforesaid All the rest
33.   of my good[es] I give unto Elisabeth my daughter in lawe
34.   whom I make my sole executrix to this my will w[hi]ch I
35.   doe declare to bee my last will revoking all other or
36.   former will by me made in the p[re]sence of these witnesses

John Woolnough         Rob[er]t Elmer his m[ar]ke
Thos Beard

SourceMersea Museum