ID: MARG_331

TitleEast Mersea Book: Thomas Peare Expenses ERO D/DRc M12
AbstractEast Mersea Book: THOMAS PEARE EXPENSES transcribed from Essex Record Office D/DRc M12 [f. 60])

Transcriber Trevor Hearn 21st December 2020
There is a translation to Modern English further down the page.

Charges that I Thomas Peare
        have boughte Thomas Peare

Imprymus / firste at grene heathe for solinge of a payr of shoes for my selfe // xjd

Item I boughte a peces of lethere // }iijd
Item I bought a payre of new shoes at Loundone / xviijd

Item I payde for washinge att one time at blackewall / iijd

Item I payde for washinge at a nother time at blackwall / iijob d

Item I payde for solinge of a payr of shoes at blackwall / xjd

Item I payd for washinge agayne at blackwall / iijd

Item I bought a peacs of leathere

[Different script]       Elizabeth Peage vidue \de Peldon/ tene[ncia]ri[u]s
      Richard Kebell de Eastm[er]sie in Sex libris

The condic[i]on of th[is] obligat[i]on is soutch th[a]t yf the w[it]hin bo[u]nde Eliz[abeth]
Peage hir heyers execut[er] A[d]m[ini]s[trato]r or assignees or any of them doe
and shall well and treuly consent and pay unto hir thre Childr[en]
that is to say Ed. T. J Peage hir sonns the some of thre
pound[es] lawful Englishe money \th[a]t is to etche of them xxs a pece/ when that they shall come to the age
of xxj year. or else otherwyse suffeciently save and kepe
harmeles the w[i]thin named Richard Kebell the survivinge
executur of thomas meark[es] leat of langnho in the countie of
Essex. deceased of and for the some of three pounds of lawfall money
of Inglond which Sum[m]e Thomas peage <...> leat hubande of
the sayd Eliz[abeth] dyd receyve to the use of his iij children, beinge
given and beqeathed unto th[e]m by the last wyll of Tho: meark[es] leat of langnoho
Deceased, as by the said wyll playnlie apeareth yf therfor the s[ai]d Eliza[beth]
peage hir heyers execut[er] or administ[rat]ers do from tyme to tyme
and at all tymes hearafter defend save and kepe harmles the
s[ai]d Richard kebell his heyers executors and Administrators

Page 2

from al maner of Action seuts or molestacions in the Lawe by
or from the sayd Ed. Tho. & Jo: thir heyers executor or Assignes or
any other p[er]son or p[er]sons in thir right or by any of thir means
or p[ro]cuerment that then this obligac[ion] to be voyd and of non effect
or else to <..> be in full strength

Translation to Modern English by Trevor Hearn

        Expenses of Thomas Peare (signature of Thomas Peare)

Firstly, to have a pair of my shoes soled at Greenhithe11d
Item: purchase of a piece of leather3d
Item: ourchase of a pair of shoes in London18d
Item: payment for laundry at Blackwall3d
Item: payment for laundry at Blackwall3½d
Item: payment for having pair of shoes soled at Blackwall   11d
Item: payment for laundry at Blackwall3d
Item: purchase of a piece of leather

Elizabeth Page, widow, of Peldon - tenant
Richard Kebell of East Mersea, for six pounds

The condition of this obligation is that Elizabeth Page, bound by this agreement, her heirs, executor, administrator or assignees, or any of them, consent to pay the sum of three pounds (20 shillings each) to her three children (being her sons E[dward] Page, T[homas] Page and J[ohn] Page), when they respectively reach the age of 21 years; or otherwise keep free from liability the within named Richard Kebell, sole surviving executor of the estate of the late Thomas Meakes of Langenhoe, Essex, for the sum of three pounds. Such sum was received by Thomas Page, the late husband of the above mentioned Elizabeth, for the use of his 3 children, having been bequeathed to them under the terms of the will of the said late Thomas Meakes of Langenhoe. Under the terms of the said will, Elizabeth Page, her heirs, executor or administrators do from time to time, and at all times hereafter, indemnify and keep free from liability Mr Richard Kebell, his heirs, executors and administrators from all manner of actions, suits and molestations under the law by the aforementioned Ed Page, Thomas Page and John Page, their heirs, executor or assignees, or any other person under their rights, means or procurement. In such event this obligation will be null and void; otherwise, it will be in full effect.

SourceMersea Museum