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ID ML2016_003_L83_001 Article from Mersea Museum / Ron Green

TitleMemory Lane - outing to Wannock Gardens 1960s
AbstractWe have had a nice lot of feedback after last month's photo of the Union Church outing to Wannock Gardens, so here's another one, but we are not sure who organised this one . We don't have the date but it is in the 1960s. Again, it shows many of the old locals that are fondly remembered by us still enjoying life on our island.

Back row from the left - David 'Tom' Clarry, Arthur Ward, Herbert Burgess, Mrs 'Tom' Clarry ( Emily), not known, Mrs Freddie French (Annie), Mrs Frank Eley (Lily), not known, Lillian Franklin, Miss Flack, Mrs Phyllis James, Mrs Albert Green (Marjorie, David's Mother).
Middle row - Maud Mole, Mrs 'Taffy' Ware (Beryl), Mrs 'Did' Lee ( Beatrice), Florence Stoker and Sid Stoker (from the Old Victory), Mrs Arthur Ward (Clara) Mrs Johnny Hart (Vera), Mrs Bert Hempstead (Doris), Mary Blyth?, Mrs John Gant (Nora), Mrs Fred Gant ( Irene), Mrs Gertrude Cox, not known.
Front row - Mrs Alf Sherwood (Florence, Sid and Eileen's mother), not known, Mrs Herbert Burgess (Rose), not known, Mrs 'Joe' Hewes (Blanche, Graham's mother), not known, not known, not known, Mrs Hector Green (Ethel), Mrs 'Bill' Cook ( 'Doll')

From Mersea Life March 2016 page Local 83.

AuthorRon Green
PublishedMarch 2016
SourceMersea Museum

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