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Ship:      BALLENA
Arrived:19 June 1930
Departed:22 December 1932
Career:Renamed MOUNT IDA-1933, MENDOZA-1937. Sunk off Pillau 22 March 1945.
The Scotsman of 17 Jun 1930 reported BALLENA passed Gravesend for London 15-06-30
Departure date from Oyster Company ledger. On 22 December 1932 owner has become Rethymnis & Kulukundis Ltd. Swivel off.
Shields Daily News of 28 Dec 1932 reported BALLENA in dry-dock at Blyth
Voyage Record Card: BALLENA Arrived 19 June 1930 from London. Sailed 22 December 1932 for Blyth
Arrived 20 Jun 1930 departed 23 Dec 1932 [George Swieszkowski]

"Haven of Rest" by Douglas Gurton lists the vessel but has no further info. See DJG_SHP

Tonnage:5,210 gross
Type:Cargo ship
Owner:Pacific Steam Navigation Co.
Official No:143612

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