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Ship:      IBERIC
Arrived:28 May 1969
Departed:18 June 1969
Career:Ian Clarke says he can certainly remember going onboard the PAPAROA when she followed IBERIC into the river for lay-up on the same tide which was unusual.

"Ian Wilkinson was 4th engineer at the time and says "If I recall correctly, we were basically laying at anchor waiting for the apple season in Australia. I recall that us and the PAPAROA worked the liberty boats ashore on a regular basis with our lifeboats in order to maintain a regular ferry service into West Mersea. I believe the pub was the "Victory". I recall being made very welcome in there. We had many good nights ashore and never ventured beyond there.

I have some happy memories of the Blackwater plus there was extra money on the job. As one of the senior watchkeeping engineers I was entitled to 30 bob a day for being "Duty engineer" and another 30 bob a day for being "Boat engineer". When running our lifeboats as liberty boats to the pub there had to be an engineer in the boat. It was great. And we often got into the Vic for a pint. The extra £1.50 / Day a few times a week also came in very handy as I recall, beer was about two bob a pint back then !!!

Renamed DESEADO-1976, renamed SAN GEORGE-1982. Broken up 1983.
Dates from Voyage Record Cards.

Tonnage:11,248 gross
Type:Refrigerated ship
Owner:Shaw Savill & Albion Co. Ltd.
LR/IMO Number:5157822
Official No:302109

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