Mersea Island Museum - Blackwater Ships

Ship:      PIQUE HMS
Arrived:c1 May 1905
Departed:After 24 August 1907
Career:Apollo Class cruiser. British Cruisers of the Victorian Era by Norman Friedman says that HMS PIQUE was laid up Sheerness and later Blackwater 1904 - 1911.
Broken up 1911.

15 Apr 1905 Army and Navy Gazette of reports (cruisers) HMS NAIAD, HMS PIQUE, HMS POMONE, HMS TRIBUNE and HMS MEDEA are to be moved from the River Medway to the River Blackwater
2 May 1905 Morning Post HMS PIQUE sailed from Sheerness 1 May 1905 for River Blackwater under tow of (cruiser) HMS BELLONA
24 Aug 1907 Army & Navy Gazette reports that the cruisers ANDROMACHE, NAIAD, PIQUE, RAINBOW and TRIBUNE are laid-up in the River Blackwater but to be moved to the River Stour
24 Aug 1907 Barking & Dagenham Gazette reports 5 obsolete warships (cruisers) HMS ANDROMACHE, HMS NAIAD, HMS POMONE, HMS TRIBUNE and HMS PIQUE are laid up in the mouth of the River Blackwater.


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