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Arrived:30 June 1922
Departed:Before October 1922
Career:"Haven of Rest" by Douglas Gurton reports thatCARISBROOKE CASTLE "closely followed GORDON CASTLE" which arrived 31 May 1922. CARISBROOKE CASTLE was "a truly magnificent ship with beautiful wood paneling in the staterooms had been closely associated with the explorer Cecil Rhodes."

28 Jun 1922 at London for River Blackwater [Liverpool Journal of Commerce 29 Jun 1922]
CARISBROOKE CASTLE at River Blackwater since 30 June 1922 [Liverpool Journal of Commerce 4 July 1922 and 31 July 1922]
The Scotsman 17-08-22 reported CARISBROOK CASTLE is to be towed to Germany to be scrapped.

Scrapped October 1922.

Tonnage:7,626 gross
Type:Passenger cargo
Owner:Union Castle Line
Official No:108351

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