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Arrived:27 November 1938
Departed:10 January 1939
Career:Built as WAR POWER. Renamed ANTOINETTE-1920, MONNETTE-1922, TRISTAN VIELJEUX-1925, KETI CHANDRIS-1933, AGIOS VLASIOS-1940. Broken up Hong Kong 15 June 1959.
From Oyster Company ledger - gives owner as Rethymnis & Kulukundis.

22 Dec 1938 Lloyds Casualty Report
Steamer KETI CHANDRI is aground on mud flats in Blackwater River, Floats about one hour each tide in bed. Kedge anchor has been laid out to retain position; not in any serious danger. Both cables and anchors lost except 40 fathoms starboard; may be difficult to recover. Boilers empty. Four members of crew on board. Recommend employ few extra men to fill boiler and raise steam to connect spare anchor. Suggest new cables and anchors sent by tug to remoor. - Salvage Association's Special Officer. (Note - KETI CHANDRI is laid up in River Blackwater).

24 Dec 1938 Tollesbury. Casualty Report . Riggers crew unable to fill boiler, returned. vessel's position remains unchanged.
5 Jan 1939 Casualty Report.
Steamer KETI CHANDRI refloated this morning, now moored, 40 fathoms of cable attached to spare anchor. Contractors hope to connect tackle to lost anchors at low tided tonight or tomorrow morning.
6 Jan 1939 Cables recovered, port end coupled to windlass, but starboard spare anchor and swivel must be removed, will occupy tomorrow. Vessel will be ready to sail on Sunday morning (Jan 8)
7 Jan 1939. Both cables attached to windlass, riggers unable to disconnect swivel today owing to boisterous conditions. Have issued seaworthy certificate.

Tonnage:3,136 gross
Type:Cargo ship
Owner:Rethymnis & Kulukundis
Official No:142649

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