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Ship:      MADDA
Arrived:21 May 1930
Departed:2 January 1933
Career:Arrived in river as BOGOTA. Sold and sailed as MADDA. See BOGOTA for more details.
Dates from Oyster Company ledger, which mostly records her as BOGATA. She was already in the river when the ledger started 1 January 1931
2 January 1933 MADDA ex BOGOTA Unmoor.
Western Morning News of 07 Jan 1933 reported MADDA ex BOGOTA arrived Plymouth 06-01-33 for bunkers
8 Jan 1933 arrived Barry from Tollesbury [Liverpool Journal of Commerce 10 Jan 1933]
Tonnage:5,167 gross
Type:Cargo ship
Owner:G.& F.Bozzo Bros
Official No:140618

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