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Career:In a letter to Mersea Island Courier 13 April 2007, Peter Sadler of Severn Beach says that c1928 the Post Master in Tollesbury had a telegram for the BERWINLEA [sic] - a ship laid up in the River Blackwater.
There is no record of any BERWINLEA, but there was a BERWINDLEA owned by Berwind-White Coal Mining Company, Windber, Pennsylvania. They acquired it after WW1. There was also another BERWINDLEA built 1929 Official No. 161108, but this is after Peter Sadler's date - he moved away from Tollesbury in 1929.
Details of the earlier BERWINDLEA are hard to find - she is not in Miramar.
It is not clear how this entry relates to BERWINDLEA 161108 laid up in the River from 23 Feb 1932 to 2 July 1935

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