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Ship:      BEREBY
Arrived:14 April 1931
Departed:9 February 1934
Career:24 September 1941 Wrecked Ringfad Point, Co.Down.
The Elder Dempster Fleet History 1852-1985" by James E Cowden and John O C Duffy says she was laid up in the Blackwater from June 1931.
Oyster Company ledger entry 15 April 1931: Arrived. Tug used.
Voyage Record Card: BEREBY Arrived 15 April 1931 from London. Sailed 9 February 1934 for Dover

"Haven of Rest" by Douglas Gurton lists the vessel but has no further info. See DJG_SHP

14 Apr 1931 arrived River Blackwater from London [Liverpool Journal of Commerce 15 Apr 1931]

Essex Chronicle 8 May 1931 names her BERRABIE and talks about "African Negroes presenting a curious spectacle by carrying piles of luggage, probably all they possessed, on their heads in the manner in which they were accustomed to carry things in Africa."

Tonnage:5,249 gross
Type:Cargo ship
Owner:Elder Dempster
Official No:143416

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