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Ship:      KILLORAN
Arrived:15 October 1922
Departed:19 March 1924
Career:3 masted barque built in Troon in 1900.
27 Nov 1921 arrived Sunderland from Port Lincoln. Laid up.
Transferred to River Blackwater.
March 1924 sold to Gustaf Erikson. 1927 to 1939 employed mostly in Australian wheat trade.

Arrived 15 Oct 1922 Departed 19 Mar 1924 [George Swieszkowski - Lloyds List]
Sunderland Daily Echo & Shipping Gazette of 24 Mar 1924 reported KILLORAN arrived Grangemouth 20 Mar 1924 from River Blackwater
The Scotsman 19 Apr 1924 reported KILLORAN sailed Grangemouth 18-04-24 for Antagasta [Antofagasta ?] with coal
10 Aug 1940 en route Buenos Aires for Las Palmas, sighted by German armed merchant cruiser WIDDER. Scuttled 33.06N 24.19W.

"Haven of Rest" by Douglas Gurton says "At the end of 1922 the laid-up ships of the Union-Castle Line, were joined by two outsiders, the three-masted barque KILLORAN which had as its solitary shipkeeper, Capt. David Schenk Cromarty, a former master of this fine sailing vessel, and the large four masted barque GARTHPOOL. The two sailing ships presented a fine sight and were anchored between the Pier and Bathing House Creek. "I was able to visit the KILLORAN but it was a frightening experience for me. Capt. Cromarty showed me knuckledusters, blackjacks and small sandbags filled with sand about the size of socks, which he said had been used by a mutinous crew. I was interested in two large casks, bound with brass bands and standing upright at the break of the poop. He told me to climb up and look inside. I shall never forget the sight, putrefying meat and the stench was appalling.

See The Grain Races by Basin Greenhill ISBN 0 85177 415 6 for more information.

Tonnage:1,757 gross
Official No:111283

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