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Ship:      SAN MELITO
Arrived:2 August 1945
Departed:20 May 1946
Career:Twice attacked by German submarines during WW I but survived both world wars. After being laid up in the River Blackwater, she was transferred to Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co. Ltd. for use as a hulk at Gibraltar. Scrapped 7 May 1954.
See for more on the history of SAN MELITO.
From Oyster Company ledger:
- 29 September 1945 Compensation 8 weeks 2 days Eagle Oil & Shipping Co
- 20 May 1946 Compensation 4 wks 2 days
Shields Daily News 01 Aug 1945 SAN MELITO sailed from River Tyne 31-07-45 for River Blackwater
Shields Daily News of 22 May 1946 reported SAN MELITO arrived at River Tyne from River Blackwater
Tonnage:12,286 gross
Owner:Eagle Oil Transport Company
Official No:136669

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