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Ship:      SAGAMORE
Arrived:19 March 1959
Departed:9 May 1959
Career:Renamed CAPITAN ALBERTO-1975, TANIA-1989. Broken up Alang 13 June 1992.
A ship's cat has been saved from death by a special clause in a boat bying contract. Furness Withy, the British ship owners, insist that the Italian buyers should do their best to keep the Siamese cat Princess Truban Tao-Tai, happy in her old age. That means the cat, who has never left the 15,500-ton SAGAMORE since she joined the crew in 1959, will continue to have the run of the Captain's cabin. The Princess has travelled more than 1.5 million miles in the SAGAMORE and Furness Withy pleaded with the Italians not to have her put down. They eventually agreed. A Furness Withy spokesman said "She is coming to the twilight of her life now and we didn't want to see her destroyed.
Thanks to Brian Herdman and for this item.
Oyster Company ledger entry 9 May 1959, compensation 15 March 1959 to 9 May 1959.

Mid Essex WSS - Lloyds List: arrived 19 Mar 1959 sailed 9 May 1959

Tonnage:10,792 gross
Type:Bulk carrier
Owner:Furness Withy

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