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Arrived:30 September 1945
Departed:29 June 1948
Career:Merchant Ships at Normandy during the D-Day Invasion (Operation Neptune), June - July 1944. The William L. Marcy was hit by shell fragments from German shells on June 13 1944 while in the Straits of Dover. She made seven voyages to France only to have an explosion, perhaps from a mine, off Juno Beach on August 7. All hands abandoned ship but she was reboarded the same day. Her Armed Guard officer thought that perhaps a human torpedo struck the ship. Armed Guard suffered only minor cuts and bruises, but one soldier was killed. (
1943 WSA (Amerian-Hawaiian SS Co, NY) 7 August 1944 Damaged by German E-Boat torpedo in English Channel. CTL.
25 September 1945 Laid up River Blackwater.
7 April 1947 listed by Jeff Curtiss as being in River Blackwater.
1948 Towed to Bremerhaven, loaded with surplus ammunition, towed to sea and scuttled.
From Oyster Company ledger:
- 27 October 1945 Compensation 4 wks 1 day. Owner/agent Runciman (London) Ltd.
- 29 June 1948 Compensation 12 wks 6 days.

Mid Essex WSS - Lloyds List: arrived 30 Sep 1945 sailed 29 Jun 1948

Tonnage:7,176 gross
Type:Liberty ship
Owner:United States War Shipping Administration, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Official No:242736

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