ID: MARG_539

TitleWill of John Ive of West Mersea, 1501
AbstractWill of John Ive of West Mersea 18 October 1501 trabscribed from ERO D/ACR 1/19/1/1

Transcription, abstract etc by Trevor Hearn September 2023)

John Ive of West Mersea
Date of will: 18th October 1501
Date of death: unknown
Date of Probate: unknown

Nuncupative will of John Ive made orally in front of witnesses.

A modern English translation follows the transcription.

1         Test[amentu]m Joh[ann]is Ive de Westm[er]sey
2   In dei no[m]i[n]e Amen xviij die Mensis Octobris Anno d[o]m[ini] mill[es]imo ccccco p[ri]mo
3   Joh[ann]es yve de westm[er]sey in Co[m]i[tat]u Essex londo[n]ij dioc[esis] tanta infirmitate et
4   [a]egritudine gravat[er] & in extremis languens lic[et] p[er]p[e]tiens mort[is] impetum
5   suum in sc[ri]pt[es] redige[ns] non valens test[amentu]m subsc[ri]pta tamen congruitate et
6   v[er]bor[um] inferius recitate conformitate cora[m] testib[us] subt[er]nis no[m]i[n]at[is] nuncu-
7   pativu[m] condidit p[ro]mulgavit et declaravit Test[amentu]m in se continens sua[m] vo-
8   luntate[m] ultima[m] tenore subsc[ri]pto in hac forma Videli[c]t[e] p[ri]mo legavit A[n]i[m]am
9   euis deo om[n]ipotent[is] b[ea]te marie V[ir]gini & om[n]ib[us] s[anc]tis corpusque suu[m] eccliastice
10   supultiu[m] in Cimit[er]io eccl[es]ie p[ar]ochialis b[ea]tor[um] Petri & pauli ap[osto]lor[um] apud
11   Westm[er]sey p[re]dicte It[e]m dedit & legavit Joh[ann]i yve p[at]ri euis duo retia voc[atur]
12   Garfysshnett[es] & medietate[m] vigentieme oestru[m] It[e]m dedit & legavit
13   Thome f[rat]ri euis duo Tralehed[es] cu[m] eor[es] trave eisd[e]m pertinen[s] necnon
14   una[m] togam blodij color[is] It[e]m voluit & p[er] voluntate sua ult[ima] declaravit q[uo]d
15   Ten[emen]tu[m] suu[m] voc[at] Bakers cu[m] suis p[er]tin[entis] p[er] d[omi]ni licenc[iam] immediate post euis
16   decessu[m] venderet[ur] p[er] executores suos <&> den[er]ij inde p[er]cipiend disponerent[ur] p[er] ip[s]os in comple[men]tu[m] executo[r]is Test[ament]i & ultime voluntat[es] Thome mar-
17   ketill Am[ici] dict[e] Joh[ann]is yve Residuu[m] vero om[n]i[um] bonor[um] euisd[e]m Joh[ann]is yve
18   ip[s]e vero Joh[ann]es legavit executorib[us] suis subt[er]nis no[m]i[n]at[es] quos constituit
19   Rob[er]tu[m] Stimpno[ur] & Rob[er]tu[m] Rede ad inde pub[licat] d[i]ct[e] suu[m] test[amentu]m in debita Jur[is]
20   forma exequend & p[er] implend Testib[us] ad p[re]miss vocat[is] & ill[o] testantib[us]
21   d[omi]no Joh[a]ne Wodward ib[ide]m Curato p[re]fat[o] Joh[ann]e yve p[at]re & Agnet[es] Smyth
22   cu[m] aliis datum apud Westm[er]sey p[re]dicte die & Anno p[re]libat[is]

Translation in Modern English

The will of John Ive of West Mersea

In the name of God, Amen. 18th October 1501
John Ive of West Mersea in the county of Essex in the diocese of London, so weak and burdened with sickness & languishing near the end, though enduring patiently the onset of his death, not being able to put a signed will in writing, nevertheless in accordance with the congruity and conformity of the words recited in the presence of the named witnesses below, he created, proclaimed and declared a nuncupative testament containing his final will as follows:

First, he left his soul to Almighty God, to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and to all the Saints, and his body to be decently buried in the churchyard of the parish church of the Blessed Apostles Peter & Paul at West Mersea as aforesaid.

Item: he gave and bequeathed to his father, John Ive, two nets called Garfish nets and half of the live oysters.

Item: He gave and bequeathed to Thomas, his brother, two trawl heads with the beam belonging to them as well as one blue garment.

Item: He wished and, by his last will, declared that his tenement called Bakers, with its appurtenances, should, immediately after his death, by the will of the lord, be sold by his executors and the money received therefrom should be disposed of by them as executors of the last will and testament to Thomas Markethill, the friend of the said John Yve.

The residue of all the goods of the same John Ive, John himself bequeathed to his executors below, to whom he appointed Robert Stimpnour and Robert Reed, to hence publish and fulfill the said testament in the due form of law. Witnesses called to the premises and to the testator: Mr John Woodward, curator of the same place, the aforesaid John Ive, father, and Agnes Smith. Given at West Mersea on the day and year aforesaid.

SourceMersea Museum