ID: MARG_527

TitleWill of Thomas Hedyman of Peldon 1502
AbstractWill of Thomas Hedyman of Peldon 27 October 1502 transcribed from ERO D/ACR 1/46/3

Transcription and translation by Elaine Barker August 2023

In this will of 1502 written in Latin, Thomas Hedyman of Peldon commends his soul to God, the blessed Mary and all the Saints and requests his body be buried in Peldon churchyard. Apart from bequests to religious institutions he leaves his house and all profits from the sale of his belongings to his wife and daughter, both called Joan. He appoints his wife and daughter as his executors and, after his debts are paid, they are to use the proceeds for the health of his soul and those of his benefactors. His witnesses are Sir John Vynt, John Apelton & Alicia Apylton.

1.   Test[amentu]m Thome hedyman de Peldon
2.   In dei no[mi]ne a men Anno d[omi]ni Mill[es]imo quingentesimo secundo
3.   vicesimo septimo die mens[is] octobris Ego Thomas hedyman de
4.   peldon sane & bone memorie existens condo test[amentu]m meu[m] ultimum
5.   in hunc modu[m] Inp[ri]mis com[m]endo anim[am] mea[m] ad o[mn]ipotenti deo beate
6.   Marie & om[ni]b[us] s[anc]tis corpus me[um] ad sepeliend[um] in Cimit[er]io eccl[es]i[a]e
7.   p[re]d[ic]te eius sum[m]o Altari lego xijd It[e]m do d[omi]no Joh[ann]i Vynt vijd
8.   ad offerend[um] septe[m] eccl[esi]is in Roma et quinq[ue] solid[os] ad recipiend[um]
9.   sibi q[ua]nd[o] reven[er]it dom[um] si sic contigerit It[e]m lego Fr[atr]ib[us] mino
10.   ribus Colcest' vs It[e]m do & lego totu[m] domiciliu[m] meu[m] Johanne ux[or]i
11.   mee & Johanne filie mee sub hac forma si contig[er]it q[uo]d p[re]d[ic]te
12.   voluerunt p[ar]tni int[er] se volo q[uo]d Johanna uxor mea h[ab]uerit me
13.   liore p[ar]te in om[n]ib[us] It[e]m volo q[uo]d om[n]ia alia mea mobilia vendant[ur]
14.   & debita mea inde soluant[ur] Residuum vero bono[rum] meo[rum] no legate
15.   do & lego in manus execut[orum] meo[rum] Johanne uxor[um] mee et Johanne
16.   filie mee ut & ipse disponat[ur] p[ro] salute an[im]e mee & b[e]n[e]factor[orum]
17.   meorum testibus huis ultime mei voluntat[es] hijs d[omi]no Johanne
18.   Vynt Johanne Apelton & Alicia Apylton composit[um] Anno & die p[re]dicte.

1.   The testament of Thomas Hedyman of Peldon
2.   In the name of the father Amen, in the year one thousand five hundred and two
3.   the twenty seventh day of the month of October I Thomas Hedyman of
4.   Peldon, being of sound and good memory make my last testament
5.   In this manner First I commend my soul to almighty God, blessed
6.   Mary and all the saints; my body to be buried in the churchyard of the church
7.   aforesaid. To its high altar I give 12d Also I give to Sir John Vynt vijd
8.   as an offering to the seven churches in Rome and five shillings to
9.   him when, if it so happens, he comes back home. Also I leave the Friars minor [Franciscan]
10.   of Colchester five shillings Also I give and bequeath all my residence to my wife Joanna
11.   and my daughter Joanna in this manner if it happens as aforesaid
12.   they want to be partners with each other, I will that my wife Johanna had the greater
13.   part in all Also I will that all my other moveables be sold
14.   and my debts to be paid out of that The residue moreover of my goods unbequeathed
15.   I give and put in the hands of my executors my wife Joanna and Joanna
16.   my daughter as well as themselves to be distributed for the health of my soul and & those of my benefactors
17.   by the witnesses of this my last will Sir John
18.   Vynt John Apelton & Alicia Apylton agreed the year and day aforesaid

SourceMersea Museum