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TitleWill of Robert Jackman of East Mersea 1627
AbstractWill of Robert Jackman of East Mersea 12 February 1627 transcribed from ERO D/ACW 10/227

Transcription by Jenny Ennew March 2023 checked by Sue Howlett.

Robert Jackman of East Mersea leaves his mother four pounds from the sixteen pounds she owes him and his year and a half old colt.
He gives his brothers William and Richard and sister Elezebeth four pounds each from the money he is owed by his mother.
He gives his sister a ewe lamb and his brother Richard six ram lambs and releases him from the money he owes him.
He gives his brother in law John Tunbrig the wheat growing on his lands and five ram lambs and his mare. He also passes his rented land to him.
He gives William Shonke his nephew, a ewe lamb .
He appoints his brother in law John to be his Executor, and to see his debts are paid and his body is properly buried.

1.   In the name of god Amen on the xiith (12th) daye of February
2.   Robert Jackman \of Eastm[er]sey/ beinge Sick in body but In perfect
3.   Remberance thankes be given to god do
4.   ordayne and make this my last will & testemente
5.   in maner and forme Following: Fyrst I Comende
6.   my soulle into the handes of Allmyghtye god my
7.   Crehatour & to Jesus Cryst my only saveiur & my
8.   bodye to the Earth and the worldye goodes which god
9.   of his mercye hath Lent me. I gyve Them as Followeth
10.   Fyrst I gyve unto my mother Fower poundes of good
11.   and lawfull \money/ of Ingland beinge part of the sixtene pownd
12.   that she doth owe unto me all so I gyve to her my
13.   Coult (colt ?)of A yeare & hallf ould Item I gyve to my bro:
14.   ther Weelliam Fower poundes of lyke monye to be
15.   payd to him of the monye from my mother with in
16.   two yeares after my decease : Item I gyve to Elizebeth
17.   my sister\ other/ Fower of the sayd sixtene to be payd to her
18.   at the age of xxi ty (21) yeares Allso I gyve to her on (ie one)
19.   yewle (ewe ?) Lambe of A yeare oldde: Item I gyve to my
20.   brother Richard the other Fower pound[e]s to be payd to
21.   him with[in] on(e) yeare after my decease Allso I gyve to him
22.   sixe Rame lambes of A year oulde & I forgyve
23.   him all the monye that he doth owe unto me: Item
24.   I gyve to my brother in law John Tunbrig all my
25.   wheat growing on the grounde Allso I gyve him
26.   Five Ram lambes and my mare and the sayd John
27.   to take my lande that I hyre (ie rent) in to his handes and to
28.   paye the Rent for it:Item I gyve to Weelliam shonke my
29.   sisters Chilld A yeeaw (ewe) lambe of A year oulld to bee delive
30.   red to him present lye (ie immediately) after my decease: And I do apoynt
31.   my brother in Lawe\John Tunbrig/ to bee my Executor All the Reste
32.   of my goodes I gyve to him to see my bodye sembeley (ie seemily)
33.   brought to the Earth my deptes payed and to prove
34.   this my will : to the whitch I do set to my hand
35.   and seall the daye and year Above written in the
36.   presence of
37.   Tho[mas] :Harris
38.   and Thomas           The marke of
39.   Hasulton his           Robert Jackman
40.   marke

Published12 February 1627
SourceMersea Museum