ID: MARG_453

TitleWill of Antony Elles husbandman of East Mersea, 1624
AbstractWill of Antony Elles [Ellis] husbandman of East Mersea 3 September 1624 transcribed from ERO D/ACW 9/228

Transcription by Jenny Ennew July 2023 checked by Trevor Hearn

1.   In the name of God Amen the Third day of Septem\ber/
2.   in the Twoe and Twentie yeare of the Raigne of o[ur] most
3.   Gratious sov[er]ant Lord Kinge \James/ of England France and eyer
4.   land defender of thy faith etc and of Sceotland: lliij
5.   Anno domine 1624 I Antony Elles of Eastm[er]sey in the
6.   Countie of Essex husbanman and in the diosses of the
7.   Boshope of london being sicke in Body but of good
8.   and p[er]fit Remembrans Thankes be to god for yet do
9.   Ordayne and macke this my last will and Testament
10.   in maner and forme following First I doe bequeth my
11.   Soule to god my Crator and to Jesus Christ my Redemer
12.   by home only my suer Trist and Confidences to be saved
13.   and my Body to the Earth att the decretion of my Execu[tor]
14.   It[e]m I geve unto Anna my daughter the wyfe of Richard
15.   dunning of westm[er]sey seafaring man a Joined Chest A
16.   Tabbell w[i]th a frame ij pawter dishes and my begest brase
17.   kettell \and a fether boulster and a fether peylow/ to be deliv[er]ed w[it]hin iij month after my desease Item I
18.   geve unto Anna durrell my daughter in law one selver
19.   Sppone and one pawter dishe to be deliv[er]ed to hur w[it]hin iij
20.   month after my desease all the Rest of my Goodes unbe
21.   quethed I doe geve unto Rose and Jane my daughters to
22.   be Equally devided betwene them my deptes being
23.   First pay and my Rentes disschaarged my will and mening
24.   is that my goodes afors[ai]d bequethed to my daughters Rose
25.   and Janne shalbe devided by the handes of min[e] Executor
26.   To them And I doe macke and Ordayn John Pollard
27.   of East M[er]sey in the Countie afors[ai]d yeman myn[e] Executor
28.   To se my Body in decent scort brought to the Earth and
29.   This my will in Every poynt p[er]formed as my suer trist
30.   In hyme is
31.   Sealled and deliv[er]ed       the marke of
32.   in the p[re]sentes of us       Antony Elles
33.   Arther Aasra
34.   his m[ar]ke
35.   Thomas Froake
36.   Proved at Colchester on March 18th 1624 by the executors oath

Published3 September 1624
SourceMersea Museum