ID: MARG_451

TitleWill of John Durell, of West Mersea 1609.
AbstractWill of John Durell mariner of West Mersea, 15 November 1609, transcribed from ERO D/ABW 12/330

Transcription by Jill Waters October 2022

ERO date this will 9 May 1610
People mentioned are:
Abraham Durell - son
Anne Durell - wife and executrix
Rose Durell - daughter
Nicholas Durell - son of Nicholas Durell, kinsman
Timothy Hearn - signatory and scribe (vicar of West Mersea)
John Tombstone [ Gouhtone? ] - signatory
Ezekell Weall - signatory
Places mentioned:
West Mersea; Podds

1.   In the name of god amen the xvten [15th] day of november in the
2.   yeare of o[ur] Lorde god 1609 & in the vij th yeare of the Reign of
3.   o[ur] soveraine Lorde James nowe Kinge: I John Durell of westmersea
4.   in the Countie of Essex mariner doe make this my last will &
5.   testament: first I bequeth my soule into the handes of almightie
6.   god & my bodie to the earth: It[em] I give & bequeath unto Anne
7.   my wife all that my Cottage or tenement w[i]th th[e]apurtenances
8.   lyinge in westmersea Called Podds [may be Podes] for & dureinge the terme of
9.   hir natureall lyfe, and after hir decease I will & my meaninge
10.   is that if she doe die before my Sonne Abraham come to th[e]age
11.   of xxiti yeares that then the profites of my saide Cottage shall
12.   remaine <..> and be imployed towardes the bringinge up of my
13.   twoo Children untill the saide Abrahame come to th[e]age of xxiti
14.   yeares: & then my meaninge is that All my saide Cottage w[i]th the
15.   apurtenances shall remaine unto the saide Abrahame my sonne &
16.   to the heires of his bodie lawfully begotten & for want of suche
17.   heires of his bodie I will my saide tenement shall remaine unto
18.   Roase durell my daughter & to the heires of hir bodie lawfully
19.   begotten & if she dye w[i]thout suche heires, then the same tenement
20.   I will shall remaine wholly unto Nicholas Durell the sonne of
21.   Nicholas Durell of westmersea aforesaide my kinsman and
22.   to his heires forever: It[em] I give & bequeath unto Abraham my
23.   sonne one Joyned Cubbarde one Joynde Table w[it]h a Frame & one
24.   payer of quernes [Note 1]: all w[hi]ch I will my wife shall have the use of
25.   dureinge hir life & then the same to remane unto the saide
26.   Abraham my sonne: It[em[ I give unto Roase my daughter one
27.   greate Danske [Note 2] Chest to be delivered unto hir in like manner
28.   after the decease of Anne my wife: and if one of my
29.   Children do die before my wife then that p[ar]te to remane
30.   unto th[e]other that shalbe liveinge It[em] the rest of my goods I
31.   give unto Anne my wife whome I ordeine execut[rix] of this
32.   my last will & testament: In witness whereof I have hereto
33.   put my hande the day & yeare above written Inthe p[re]sence
34.   of these witnesses
35.                         John Durell
36.   Timo: Hearne         his marke
37.   John Tombstone [Gouhtone?]
38.   his marke
39.   Ezekell Weall
40.   his marke

1 Quern - stone used to grind corn
2 Danish

Published15 November 1609
SourceMersea Museum