ID: MARG_446

TitleWill of Robert Clarke of East Mersea
AbstractWill of Robert Clarke husbandman of East Mersea, 20 April 1619, transcribed from ERO D/ACW 8/181

Transcription by Jill Waters January 2024, checked by Trevor Hearn

Transcription by Jill Waters January 2024, checked by Trevor Hearn

Will of Robert Clarke, of East Mersea, dated 20th April, 1619.
People mentioned are:
- Robert Clarke - son
- Mary Clarke - wife and executrix
- Israel Edwards - signatory
- Thomas Harris - signatory
Thomas Frie - signatory

Places mentioned : East Mersea;

1.   In the name of God Amen : I Robert Clarke of Eastmersey
2.   in the County of Essex husbandman, beinge infirme &
3.   weake in body, but thankes be given to the Allmighty God
4.   sound & p[er]fect in memory : doe ordaine & appoint this my
5.   last will & Testament in forme & manner as followeth
6.   Imprimis I doe commend my Soule & spirite to my
7.   Eternall Creatour hopinge that he will glorifie it in
8.   his kingdome everlastingly & my body to be decently
9.   laid in grave, there to rest till the last & generall
10.   resurrection, at w[hi]ch time I steadfastly beleeve through
11.   the pretiows bloodsheddinge of my Savio[ur] Jesus Chr[ist]
12.   my soule shall be unifed to my body & that I shall have
13.   p[er]fect consummation \of liffe/ in body & soule.
14.   Item I will & bequeath unto my Sonne Rober Clarke
15.   the sum of three pounds to be paid unto him at such
16.   time as he shall acco[m]plish the age of twenty one years
17.   & my meaninge is that his mother shall traine him up till
18.   such time as he shall be able to ease her by his labour
19.   & industrie.
20.   Item all the rest of my goods & Chattells I leave to
21.   the disposition of my beloved wife Mary Clarke
22.   & I doe further <..> ordaine Mary my wife sole exe<..>cu
23.   trix of this my last will & testament, seeinge my debts
24.   discharged & legacies paid, & my body decently interred.
25.   dated this 20 of Aprill An[n]o D[o]m[ini] 1619 & doe hereunto sett
26.   my hand the day & yeare above written
27.   In the presence
28.   of           the marke of Robert Clarke
29.   Israel Edwardes
30.   Tho[mas] Harris
31.   Tho[mas] Frie his marke

Published20 April 1619
SourceMersea Museum