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TitleWill of William Wade East Mersea 1522
AbstractWill of William Wade East Mersea 1522 transcribed from ERO D/ACR 2/132/2

Transcription by Jenny Ennew and Elaine Barker February 2022

In this pre-Reformation will, William Wade wills he be buried in the churchyard of St Edmund's, East Mersea, leaving money to the church.

He leaves his belongings to his wife and his property, which she is to have during her life. Following her death, his son, John, is to inherit. John's three sisters, Joan, Isabel and Agnes are to receive payments of 5 marks from their brother. If all her older siblings die before their mother, Agnes is to use their money to pay for a priest to sing for the souls of William, his wife and their friends. If William's wife, Joan, outlives her children then the house and land is to be sold by John Fakys of Langenhoe (presumably after her death) and again the services of a priest paid for and other charitable gifts made.

Joan, his wife, is appointed sole executrix and John Fakys, supervisor of the will. It is witnessed by Thomas Burton, curate and Robert Webb, along with others.


Testamentum Will[elm]i Wade de Est mersey

In the name of god Amen the yer[e] of o[ur] lorde god m l V C xxij ti [1522] the viijth
daye of Maij I Willia[m] Wade of the parish of Est m[er]sey in the
Countie of Essex sike in body & hole in mynde make this my
laste will with good remembrans as in forme folowith
First I bequeth my soule to almighti god & to his blissed
mother saynt [M]arye & to all the blissid company of hevyn
my body to be buried in the church yarde of saynt Edmunde
aforsaide Also I give to the high Awt[er] for all my tithes forgo
tone xijd Also to powlls pardon[e] ijd Also I give unto my
wiff all my good[es] moveable And also my londe Duryng
her liff and after her decese I will that my howse w[i]t[h] all my
lond[es] & teneme[n]t[es] holy remayne to John my sone to hym
his heir[es] & to his assignes paying to Jone Isbell & Agnes
his susters either of them v marke And if that John my sone

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die before his mother or before he come to lawfull age then
I will that Jone my doughter have it paying to Isbell &
Agnes her susters xli if that Jone die before my wiff
then y will that Isbell my dought[er] have it paying to
Isbell my dought[er] have it paying to Agnes her suster
xli And if Isbell my doughter die before her mother the[n]
I will that Agnes my doughter have it my forsaide house
& lond[es] paying to a prest synging in the church a forsaid[
for me my wiff & my frend[es] x marke & to the rep[ar]ac[i]on
of fowle wayes v marke this forsaide xli to be paide
to hose chaunce so ev[er] it come in vj yeris next after ther
entre And if that all my childern die levyng John [Jone] my
wiff then y will that my forsaide howse & londe be sold
by John Fakys of lang[en]ho or be his assignes &w[i]t[h] the mo
ny therof comyng I will a prest have x marke to
syng for my soule in the church above saide the residue
of the mony therof take to be disposid in dedes of chari
te [charity]as he thynk[es] best for the helth of my soule Executrix
of this my laste will y make Jone my wiff & sup[er]visor
John Fakys of lang[en]ho This witnes S[i]r Thomas burton
curate Roberd webbe w[i]t[h] other.

SourceMersea Museum