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TitleWill of John Bullock of Great Wigborough 1560 D/ACR 3/165/2
AbstractThe registered Will of John Bullock of Great Wigborough [John the Elder] 30 September 1560 transcribed from Essex Record Office document D/ACR 3/165/2


This will was written on 30.9.1560 about 15 months after the earlier will MARG_155_011 . Essentially the same, it's clear all the children are still under 21. This will is witnessed by Randall Wymsley, rector of St Stephens, Great Wigborough and Gilbert Woodward.

Transcription by Elaine Barker February 2021

In the Name of god Amen the xxx day of Septemb[er] A[nn]o 1560 I John bullocke
Of muche Wygborowe et cet[era] do ordeyne & make this my p[re]sent testament
Fyrst I bequeathe & com[m]end my soul to almyghty god & cet[era] & my body & cet[era]
Ite[m] I Wyll & bequeathe unto Margaret my wyfe certayne gyftes & legacyes
th[a]t is I giv unto hyr my second bed w[i]t[h] all thing[es] therunto belonginge & all such
houshold stuffe as she brought to me at hyr mariage w[i]t[h] all hyr apparell to hyr
body belonginge. Ite[m] I giv to hyr twenty li[bre] [pounds] Of lawfull money of england
fower good & sufficient kyne twenty good & lawfull ewes sheipe. Also I giv
to hyr my best Mare. Ite[m] I giv to hyr a seam of wheat & a seam of barley
& half A weighe of cheise. Ite[m] I wyll to hyr the goinge & pasturinge of
the sam Cattell upone my ground[es] duringe the tyme of six moneths after
my decease Ite[m] I wyll th[a]t she shall have On low chambre w[i]t[h]ine My
house wherin I do now dwell to have & to enioy the sam lowe chambre
duringe the sayd six moneth[es] after my decease. Provyded always th[a]t yf
she sam Margaret happen to mary befor th[a]t tyme th[a]t then she to avoyd
Immediatlye the sam my house & chambre & then also to take away all
hyr Cattel[es] frome my sayd ground[es]. Ite[m] I giv & assigne unto margaret
my sayd wyfe by nam of the third or dowrye yf she shall be so co[n]tented
As to forsake & refute the third Part of my land, then I do giv to
hyr on yearly Rent Of viij li[bre] Of lawfull money of endland to be
Receyved by the nam Of hyr thyrd or dowrye out of my land[es] teneme[n]t[es]
& hereditament[es] At two severall terms of the year th[a]t is to say at
the feast of S michael the archangel & the ann[un]ciatione of o[ur] lady S
Mary the V[ir]gine by even portions yearly to be Payd all the terme
Of hyr lyfe enduringe. And for to have & enioy all the same yearly
Rent of viij li[bre] as is aforseyd unto the sam Margaret my Wyfe & to

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Hyr Assignes at the terme & tyme of hyr lyfe as in full contentation of hyr
thyrd or dowrye yf she be so contented or els to have & enioy the thyrd part of
My land[es] duringe hyr lyfe for hyr dowrye & then this legacye of viij li[bre] to be
voyd frustrat & of non effect. Ite[m] I wyll th[a]t my two ov[er]sears of this my
last wyll to have the ov[er]syght w[i]t[h] my sonn Edward of all my land[es] teneme[n]t[es]
hereditament[es] & farmes w[i]t[h] the good[es] Cattel[es] upon them untill my sonn
Edward bullocke shall accomplyshe & com to his full age of xxti year[es]
Ite[m] I wyll th[a]t my sonn Edward Immediatlye after my decease as my whol &
full executor shall enter Into all my land[es] teneme[n]t[es] hereditament[es] to hav & to
hold to hym & to his heyres of his body laufully begotten for ev[er]. Payinge
the aforsayd yearly rent of viij li[bre] unto margaret my wyfe duringe hyr lyfe
In full Payment of hyr thyrd or dowrye as is aforsayd yf she be so conten
ted or els she to have the thyrd of the land[es] duringe hyr lyfe as is afor
Me[n]cioned & this legacy of viij li[bre] to be frustrat voyd & of no effect. Ite[m]
I wyll & bequeathe unto the sayd Edward my sonn all th[a]t my lease & terme
of year[es] whiche I have of & in the farme called Mowsehomes [Moulshams] in Muche
wigbarrowe aforsayd together w[i]t[h] all the stocke & p[ro]fyts therofe. And he to
Enter & to be in possession of the sam Immediatlye after my deathe Ite[m]
I wyll th[a]t he shall pay and dischardge all my dett[es] & legayes bequeathed
& geven In this my wyll & testament. Ite[m] I wyll & bequeathe unto Mar=
garet my daughter fowertye li[bre] of lawfull money to be payd to hyr at the
day of hyr Mariage Or at the day of jti year[es] Ite[m] I give to hyr two
best[es] a lawfull bullocke also &\ten/ lawfull ewes. Ite[m] I giv & bequeath to
Agnes My daughter xti li[bre] of lawfull money to be payd to hyr at the
Day of Mariage or at the age Of xxj ti year[es]. Ite[m] I give also to hyr ij
beast[es] or lawfull bullock[es] And x li[bre] lawfull ewes. Ite[m] I giv & bequeath unto
Elizabethe my Daughter fowerty li[bre] of lawfull money to be payd to hyr
at the day of mariage Or at the age of xxj ti year[es] Also I giv to
hyr ij beast[es] or lawfull bullocke and ten lawfull ewes. And yf it shall
happen Any of my sayd thre daughters Margaret Agnes & elizabethe
to decease befor they be Maryed or befor they com to their sev[er]all Ages
of xxj ti year[es], then I wyll th[a]t the legacye of hyr so deceased to be equaly
Devyded Betwen[e] the others of my Daughters then beyinge Alive. So th[a]t
My sayd thre Daughters the on to be the others heyre of their legacyes
to them her in geven or Assigned Ite[m] I wyll th[a]t yf it shall happen

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The aforsayd Edward my sonn to dy w[i]t[h]out yssue or w[i]t[h]ine his
Sayd age of xx ti year[es] then I wyll his p[ar]t as well In land[es] teneme[n]t[es]
hereditament[es] as all other legacyes & good[es] to hym assigned by this my
wyll shall be equaly Devyded gyven & Delivered unto my daughters
beinge then alive at the discretione of my ov[er]sears. Also I wyll that
yf it shall happen all my Daughters to dye befor they be Maryed or
Els befor ther sayd ages of xxj ti year[es] th[a]t then I wyll th[a]t all their be
quest[es] unto my sayd sonn Edward then beinge alive. Morov[er] yf it
shall happen that all my chyldren Do dye befor they com to the ag
Of xxj yeares w[i]t[h]out yssue of their bodyes lawfully begotten th[a]t then I wyll
th[a]t all my moveabl[es] & good[es] shall then remayne unto the heyres of
Wyll[ia]m bullocke and john bullocke my brothers chyldren. And yf It
shall happen th[a]t all my Children Do dye After th[a]t they shall Com
to the age of jti year[es] w[i]t[h]out yssue of their bodyes lawfully begotten
th[a]t then I wyll th[a]t all my land[es] shall remayne unto the heyres of the
Sayd Will[ia]m bullocke & john bullocke my brothers Chyldren. Ite[m] I
Give & bequeathe unto ev[er]ye One of my Godchyldren xij d Ite[m] I
Give unto Jon bul my servaunt an heyfor of on year old to be de=
livered at the Discretione Of edward my sonn Ite[m] I wyll th[a]t all
My thre Daughters shall be at the governaunce Rul & ordre
Of my ov[er]sears. The Residue of all my good[es] Movable or unmo=
veable my Dett[es] legacyes & funerall Dischardged I do give and
bequeathe unto Edward bullocke my sonn, whom I Do make my
full executor to see this my last wyll fulfilled. Ite[m] I do give unto
[blank]           And to either of them fouerty shil/ [shillings] whom I
Nam Assigne & appoint to be ov[er] seares of this my wyll & ev[er]ye
thinge therin mencyoned to be well & treuly observed p[er]formed &
Cept(?) In ev[er]ye article Claws[e] or Point accordynge to the treu mea=
nynge herofe. Thes[e] beinge wytnesses Sir Randell Vynsle Clarke [Note 1]
Gilbert Woodward w[i]t[h] other[es].

[Latin sentence indicating the will was proved in December 1561]

Note 1: Randall Wymsley was the incumbent of St Stephen's, Great Wigborough

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Bullock family of Great Wigborough

Published30 September 1560
SourceMersea Museum