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TitleWill of John Fokes of West Mersea 1546
AbstractWill of John Fokes of West Mersea 25 July 1546 transcribed from Essex Record Office document D/ABW 14/36
Transcribed by Elaine Barker February 2020
There is a translation to modern English further down the page

1. In The name of god Amen In the yere of our lorde god A[nno Domini] MCCCCC xlvj [1546] & Wreten the viij day of july In
2. the xxx viij th yere of the rayne of our Suferyne lorde kyng henry the viijth by the grasse of god kyng of Eyngland
3. And of France & of yerland kyng defender of the Fayth & in Erthe supreme hede of the churche of Eyngland
4. & of yerland I John Fokes beyinge of A good remembranc[e] make & ordyne thys my last Wyll In maner &
5. Forme hereafter folowynge first I be quethe my soule unto Almyghty god my creater & my Redemer & to
6. All the holy company of hevene & my body to be beryd In the churche yarde of Westmersy Allso I be quethe
7. to my brother Robard Fokes x yeres of my ferme of Westmersy halle that ys to saye frome the feste of
8. seyent mychell the Archangell next after the date hereof tyll x yeres be expered & thene I Will that
9. Wyllyam fokes my sonne shall have the other x yeres of the sayde farme & yf my sonne fortune to dye
10. than I Wyll that my brother Robard chylldren shall have the sayd lesse among them parte and parte teke
11. allso I Will to Wyllyam my sonne vij besse & xl sechpe & he for to have the profet of the beste & the sechpe
12. at the ages of xx yeres allso I Wyll that my brother Robard shall have the ov[er] syte on the goodes tyll
13. he com[m]e to Aysserysyon allso I Wyll that my sonne Wyllyam schall have all my housshold that ys oute
14. of the legacyes of pullen allso i Wyll that yt be nat tane oute allso i Wyll that yf my sonne fortune to dye
15.thene I Will that my brother Robard chylldren schall havet part & part leke allso i ordyne & make my
16. lawfull exssaytor Robard my brother & Robard Fokes the elder of estmersy my superviser for to se my body
17. honestly bered & thys my wyll performed & he for to have for hys labor xx s[hillings] thys wetnes Robard
18. Felde & thomas calls.. & cutberd harysson & john Aylward Wrytethe and

                  [Probate granted]       x novembris [1546]

Translation of the will of John Fokes to modern English

In the name of God Amen. In the year of our Lord God Anno Domini 1546 and written the 28th day of July in the 38th year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King Henry VIIIth by the grace of God King of England and of France and of Ireland, King Defender of the Faith and in Earth supreme head of the Church of England and of Ireland I John Fokes being of a good memory make and ordain this my last Will in manner and form hereafter following. First I bequeath my soul unto Almighty God my Creator and my Redeemer and to all the holy company of heaven and my body to be buried in in the churchyard of West Mersey. Also I bequeath to my brother Robard Fokes ten years of my farm of West Mersey Hall that is to say from the Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel next after the date hereof until ten years be expired and then I will that William Fokes, my son, shall have the other ten years of the said farm and if my son should happen to die then I will that my brother Robard's children shall have the said lease among them part and part alike. Also I will to William, my son, seven beasts [cattle] and forty sheep and he to have the profit of the beasts and the sheep at the ages of 15 years. Also I will that my brother Robard shall have the oversight on the goods until he come to Assertion. Also I will that my son, William, shall have all my household that is out of the legacies of pullen [obsolete term for poultry] also I will that it be not taken out also I will that if my son happen to die then I will that my brother Robard's children shall have it part and part alike also I ordain and make my lawful executor Robard, my brother, and Robard Fokes the Elder of East Mersea my supervisor for to see my body honestly buried and this my will performed and he for to have for his labour 20 shillings this witness Robard Felde and Thomas Calls... and Cuthbert Harrison and John Aylward the writer

Keywordsfoakes, foaks, fooks
Published28 July 1546
SourceMersea Museum