ID: LN001302

TitleLions Talking Magazine No.13 Side 2
  1. Dramatic Club Music Hall
  2. School prize giving - Mrs Anthony Buck.
  3. Gardening
  4. To Kill a Mocking Bird - Reading
  5. Meet a Lion - Jim Cook from the Lawnmower Shop. Born West Mersea 1916. Jim was the first person to be knocked down by a car on the island. (there is a short interview over the top of some of this interview:
    Jim recalls his mother taking his pram up to see the Zeppelin.

    When he was 6/7 years old, Jim was hit by a car on Mersea: He remembers coming up to Digby's corner with his old playing hoop intending to go up High Street. The car, which was coming down high street, carried straight on. Jim was just crossing the road after assuming that the car was going to turn to go up to the school, and so the car hit him. He was not hurt badly and came away only with sore hand and knees as well as a sore head!

    [1min - interview with round the Island walker]

    Jim worked with his father winkling and oyster dredging and became an apprentice oyster dredger. After a while, he went into the building trade and became a carpenter and joiner.

    34 mins - interviews with Island walkers]

    Jim's lawnmower business was suggested by his wife after he was getting fed up of working for less money than his bosses while doing more work. He was looking for a niche in the market and thus learnt the business from scratch.

    Jim was also on the committee of the Talking Magazine.
  6. Walk round the Island - interviews - over the top of Jim Cook!
Duration46 minutes
RecordedAugust 1979