ID: AA011600

TitleSearching Mersea audio files
AbstractAudio recorded by Lawrence Northall of CITiZAN 2017-8 for Search Mersea project.
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Some of these files are already available on Museum system as IDs like AA011501. The duplication has not been sorted out.

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List of files
AA011601 John Pullen Appleby seeing an aircraft wreck raised out of the estuary
AA011602 David Stoker - dredging up Bellamine jugs
AA011603 Pixie Weaver - memory of cows wandering into a minefield
AA011604 Daniel "Bubbie" French - finding an Iron Age skull
AA011605 Daniel French Senior - finding a Bronze Age trackway
AA011606 David Conway - finding WWII munitions in the mud 1m 19s
AA011607 Mark Dixon - finding a mammoth's tooth
AA011608 David Conway - changing wildlife and activities on the foreshore
AA011609 David Conway - finding Roman Pottery at Monkey Steps
AA011610 David Conway - poaching and getting caught
AA011611 David Conway - metal detectoring finds from the island (this file repeated itself)
AA011612 David Conway - Musket & cannon balls found around Civil War Fort
AA011614 David Nicholls - fishing with sticks, finding ancient tree roots in the mud (if you want ...
AA011615 David Nicholls - possible medieval habitation of Ray Island, brick and pottery, exploded munitions
AA011616 David Nicholls - childhood holidays at Waldegraves. How the foreshore has changed since then
AA011617 Dave Conway - changes on foreshore
AA011618 Dave Conway - working as a seawaller to
AA011619 Allan Bird - dreaming of becoming an oysterman 2m 29s
AA011620 Allan Bird - erosion on foreshore, Roman fort of Othona, Ray Sand 1m 20s
AA011621 Allan Bird - finding things, drunken pranks and clay heads (now in Museum) 1m 54s
AA011622 Allan Bird - searching offshore sandbanks for lost WW2 aircraft 2m 22s
AA011623 Allan Bird - legend of Salcott bell (9m 43s)
AA011624 Mark Dixon - history and decline of eel grass and its effect on the foreshore 2m 37s
AA011625 Mark Dixon - continuity of usage off monkey steps, foreshore changes in East Mersea 2m 12s
AA011626.wav 123632 now out of sequence
AA011626 Mark Dixon finding mammoth's tusk 1m 16s
AA011627 Mark Dixon finding pottery and animal bones 46s
AA011628 Mark Dixon changing foreshore stakes off Cobmarsh, doodlebug off Decoy Point, Mines on Beach 2m 16s
AA911629 Mark Dixon changing wildlife in the estuary Ecological Warming 2m 31s
AA011630 Mark Dixon changes at the Monkey Steps, pits etc. 2m 16s
AA011631.wav 131042
AA011631 Don Rainbird - Salcott Creek, Brunel's windmill and siphons, Old Hall's lost shipyard & community 1m 58s
AA011632 Don Rainbird - catching lobsters and finding neolithic woodland
AA011633 Don Rainbird - finding Roman Pottery on Cobmarsh Island
AA011634 Don Rainbird - Red Hills bottom of Kingsland road, changing foreshore around Buzzom
AA011635 Brian Jay - changes at Cudmore Grove, spigot mortar base, lost creek, old golf house
AA011636 Brian Jay - changes foreshore on south side of island
AA011637 Brian Jay - decoy point
AA011638 Brian Jay - wild boar skeleton at bottom of Beach Road
AA011639 David Conway - monkey beach & Roman pottery, Seaview fish traps
AA011640 Jeff Wass - memories of foraging on Mersea, wildlife lost and new ?? 2m 28s
AA011641 Jeff wass - finding old wrecks, boats abandoned because of the war
AA011642 Jeff Wass - lost place names along the foreshore, changing place names
AA011643 Jeff Wass - memories of strange finds whilst oystering
AA011644 Jeff Wass - mysterious posts in Salcott creek, lost boats
AA011645 Jeff Wass - names for dredges, tendles, equipment and various oyster layings
AA011646 Jeff Wass - old oyster pits, finding relics in old abandoned hards
AA011647 Daniel French Senior - Thirslett Spit, saxon fish traps
AA011648 Daniel French Senior - sedimentation of the Colne
AA011649 Pixie Weaver - hidden underground WW2 ammunition dump, Victoria Esplanade
AA011650 Pixie Weaver - explosives under the Strood
AA011651 Pixie Weaver - oyster collecting down Seaview Avenue and nearby coastal change
AA011652 Pixie Weaver - memories of seeing WW2 aeroplane crash
AA011653 Pixie Weaver - searchlights and doodlebugs landing on Mersea
AA011654 David Conway - metal detectoring finds at Abbotts Hall etc, bricks (old Abbotts Hall ?)
AA011655 Daniel Bubbie French finds whilst oyster picking
AA011656 Daniel "Bubbie" French - Coopers Beach, wooden stakes, possible fish traps
AA011657 Daniel Bubbie French - fossilised wood
AA011658 Daniel French senior ancient trees, coastal erosion
AA011659 Daniel French senior coastal change Cobmarsh Island
AA011660 Jane Dixon - Red Hills, Fen Farm
AA011661 Jane Dixon - mysterious pits and change
AA011662 Carol Wyatt Monkey Beach, memories and change
AA011663 Carol Wyatt Hove Creek WW2 barbed wire
AA011664 Carol Wyatt - memories of wildlife on Feldy Marshes & Packing Marsh, stranded on Pioneer wreck
AA011665 Carol Wyatt - West Mersea caravan site, possible salt pans
AA011666 Carol Wyatt - delivering groceries to flooded houses
AA011667 Carol Wyatt - houseboats, causeway, tidal flooding
AA011668 Carol Wyatt - Kings Hard
AA011669 Carol Wyatt - Monkey Beach and breakwaters, Beach Road
AA011670 Carol Wyatt - horse riding, Miss Catchpole, Beach Road
AA011671 Carol Wyatt - searching with CITiZAN
AA011672 Daniel Bubbie French Coopers Beach - erosion of archaeology
AA011673 Jane Dixon - erosion and coastal change on the island, eel grass
AA011674 Jane Dixon - possible_fish_traps_rows_of_stakes
AA011675 Jane Dixon - bison skeleton, wild boar
AA011676 John Pullen_Appleby WW2 gun battery Cudmore Grove
AA011677 David Stoker decline of local fishing
AA011678 David Stoker - dredging up aeroplanes
AA011679 David Stoker - dredging up anchors
AA011680 David Stoker - dredging up WW2 mines
AA011681 David Stoker - foreshore change on Coopers Beach, the Molliette wreck
AA011682 Carol Wyatt - finding things, change near Cudmore Grove
AA011683 Carol Wyatt - beach huts, 1953 flood, Bradwell power station
AA011684 David Stoker - Thames Barge Wrecks
AA011685 David Stoker - foreshore changes, Cobmarsh
AA011686 Jane Dixon - ebbing, Monkey Steps, bottles, bones
AA011687 Jane Dixon - iron age burial, Rewsells
AA011688 Jane Dixon - posts and possible settlement off Rewsells Farm
AA011689 Jane Dixon - mammoth tusk
AA011690 Jane Dixon - mysterious stone circles, cirle of stakes
AA011691 Ralph Malet Merry - wrecks, oysters
AA011692 Ralph Malet Merry - wreck near Monkey steps, Roman remains, animal bones
AA011693 David Nicholls - Ray Island's unsolved mysteries, a possible Viking encampment 1Mm 57s
AA011694 Dave Nicholls - more holiday memories, mud pools, eel shears, winkling
AA011695 David Nicholls - more mysteries or Ray Island, 17th century farming, ridges and furrows
AA011696 Allan Bird - finding things dredging, a passion for searching
AA011697 Ralph Merry - Roman lighthouse, pottery fragments, finding red hills, how they were used
AA011698 Ralph Merry - coastal change, new beaches, longshore drift
AA011699 Ralph Merry - describing the process of finding things
AA011700 Ralph Merry - finding an ancient human tool made with a deer antler
AA011701 Ralph Merry - holidays on Mersea, barbed wire and mines, eel grass and process of erosion
AA011702 Jess Wass - Packing Marsh Island, mysterious stakes
AA011703 Jess Wass - sharks teeth off Bradwell Power station
AA011704 Jeff Wass - Strood, lost watermill
AA011706 Pixie Weaver - The Firs - smuggling Tunnel
AA011707 John Pullen-Appleby: Ray Island, mysterious remains, bomb holes and clay pipes
AA011708 John Pullen Appleby: the boating lake and the seaside resort that never was
AA011709 John Pullen-Appleby: house boats and yacht racing and royals
AA011710 John Pullen-Appleby - the decoy
AA011711 John Pullen-Appleby - the youth camp, philanthropy, neo-Nazis, motorbike rallies
AA011712 John Pullen-Appleby - Kings Hard - memories of how the monkey steps have changed
AA011713 John Pullen_Appleby_seeing_aircraft_raised_from_river
AA011714 John Pullen-Appleby memories of Cobmarsh Island, barge wrecks, shram for chickens
AA011715 John Pullen appleby famous ships in the Blackwater and estuary landen with oranges
AA011716 John Pullen Appleby finding bottles, pot sherds and bellamine jugs

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