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TitleFred Smith - Winifred Hone memoirs
AbstractThe only bakery and oldest established firm on Mersea Island was established in 1860 and is still in the same family. Fred G. Smith, now run by Fred Smith, extremely popular and likeable. The Bakery still stands on the same site, the Windmill that used to grind all the corn from the farmers has long gone, but the round house has been turned into a delightful looking shop, and behind the bowed windows you will find a wonderful selection of cakes and bread which reflects the long history of the Smith's experiences in producing these essential commodities. A cake for any celebration made of heavy fruit content or creamy sponge, the icer with the concreted sugar works in complete harmony to create an emblematic of artistic perfection. Many Island people with sentimental outlook bake their own cake and send it to the mill to be iced, and at the reception or party proudly proclaim they made the cake, stealing the glory from the bakery by forgetting to add that the frame was created and designed at the mill. Many years ago the bakery also baked the pork pies made by Allen Cock who farmed on the Island and sold them from his farmhouse door, the pies were a very high class commodity but it was the bakery that cooked them that really made them look so edible with the succulent brown crust.

AuthorWinifred Hone
SourceMersea Museum / Wendy Brady
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 Fred Herbert Smith and Preston Smith in the Bakery at West Mersea Mill.  ALS_C20_021
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Title: Fred Herbert Smith and Preston Smith in the Bakery at West Mersea Mill.
Source:Mersea Museum / Alan Smith Collection