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TitleFid Harnack S.M.A. - Winifred Hone memoirs
AbstractFid Harnack (Society of Marine Artists) lived here and many people must be grateful to him for being able to take some scene of Mersea to hang in their homes. The following extract from "La Revue Moderne" will give you some idea of his great talent.

The La Revue Moderne extract is on painters exhibiting at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 1954 and has been translated.

Fid Harnack S.M.A.
The 'sailor - painter' who, with his love of the sea, is one of the most outstanding of present day English painters. His standards do not permit him to be insincere. Harnack loves nature too much to translate it into the grotesque language of artistic extremists. The traditional classic methods are sufficient for him. In the country of Turner, Bonington and Constable one need have no shame of being simple and sincere. His direct, sure style approaches the sound impressionism of the old school from which so many masterpieces have blossomed in the past, and which has never ceased to be the vehicle for a sincere talent and a heartfelt, steady enthusiasm. His 'Essex Creek' of this year's Royal Academy is eloquent on this point.

Fid Harnack is among those whose life is a witness that the painter can be worthy of ......
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AuthorWinifred Hone
SourceMersea Museum / Wendy Brady