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TitleArthur Greenwood - Winifred Hone memoirs
AbstractArthur Greenwood was tall and very distinguished looking, and his wife Catherine was as pretty as a Dresden China shepherdess with the bluest of eyes and a nature as sweet as her expression. They had a togetherness that made you feel good when in their presence, they gave you the feeling that they were trying to solve serious world problems that surrounded them. Arthur Greenwood had an old world cottage at East Mersea and we became firm friends over the years. He had the power to convert an ordinary acquaintance into a loyal friend. I had a great admiration for his gifts as a politician and a respect for his courage in sticking up for what he felt was right. The Greenwoods were warm, friendly and human, he saw the poverty hopelessness and depression that surrounded him. He decided to enter the political world, it would give him the chance to express emotion which he would have been unable to as a private citizen.

He was returned to parliament representing Wakefield for many years and remained a member of parliament until his death. During the war he was deputy leader of the House of Commons during Mr Clement Atlee's long illness, and he had a following that would have kept him in that position, but Arthur Greenwood was not the man to take advantage of a situation such as this. With his sentiments only one party would have been necessary to keep this country happy When Attlee took up the reins again Arthur Greenwod was made a Minister without portfolio, hardly a magnificent elegy for a loyal man that had carried such responsibility for almost eighteen months of the war as deputy leader. They were very proud of their son Anthony and predicted a great political life for his future, it was rumoured at this time that he was going to be adopted as Labour MP for Colchester and with his charm and personality would without doubt have been returned as our MP.

Mr Smith fought the election and won it for Labour. How sad that his parents died before seeing their prediction come to pass and their son as Minister of Housing in this present government. Anthony Greenwood was returned for Rossendale as Labour MP with a much reduced majority 1,670 in October 1957. He became Labour MP in 1946 when he was returned for Heywood and Raftcliffe with a majority of 2,113, was elected parliamentary Vice Chairman in the years 1950-1954. During the war served in the RAF as an intelligance officer.

See also "Lord Greenwood of Rossendale of East Mersea in the County of Essex."

AuthorWinifred Hone
SourceMersea Museum / Wendy Brady