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TitleNoel and Muriel Brandon - Winifred Hone memoirs
AbstractNoel and Muriel Brandon came to live at Mersea, buying Brierley Cottage to live in and the MONGESSE, a motor boat for pleasure. They had a charming family, one girl and three boys, Muriel was just the wife for Noel, relaxed, unruffled on the surface but in complete command of any situation come what may. She used to write books for a hobby. Noel was a very handsome man. He also had a great wit and humour and aristocratic stylishness, he would never say what are you going to drink when offering one, just with a great flourish of hand 'Take wine with me' and the toast would sometimes be 'Shampain to my friends and real pain to my enemies'. He loved food and knew all about it. He would sometimes order a meal as if he was going to have friends join him. Pate de Fois Gras with butter and a wine sauce, and it would be escorted by Black Pepper and Salt. On another occasion it would be scrambled eggs oysters and see that the Truffles don't lark about and upset the party. On one occasion he said he was giving a party after a matrimonial ceremony between eggs and anchovy fillets, the bride would be dressed in oil and old cognac and the honeymoon at Breadcrumbs by the lovely White Wine River, grated cheese Gruyere was hoping to make it but in any case green and red peppers could dance a beautiful waltz with any of the guests. The waiters could be snippets of fried bread and thin slices of lemon.

Noel was the essence of joie de vive never a dull moment. He possessed many achievements a crackshot of India and a brilliant snooker player, always anxious to instruct the younger generation in these interesting pastimes. The eldest son Andrew became an Oxford Don but the grim Second World War claimed two of his charming sons and he died at quite an early age.

[ Noel and Muriel Brandon lived at Waldegraves Cottage in 1931 - Register of Electors. ]

AuthorWinifred Hone
SourceMersea Museum / Wendy Brady