ID: WW01_321 / Winifred Hone

TitleHarry Tate - Winifred Hone memoirs
AbstractHarry Tate, the well known comedian, visited Mersea with the idea of a yachting sketch in mind. The WATERLILLY owned by Mr Arthur Hempstead was chosen for the tryout. They all went aboard with picnic baskets and champagne, in fact a lot, but unfortunately they sailed onto Cobmarsh ten minutes after high water. They were so near and yet so far until later that evening when the WATERLILLY refloated having spent hours hopelessly stuck on on the mud. In memory of his experience he gave me a magnificent Silver Cup 50 guineas from the Gold and Silversmith's Company to be competed for in one of the first Mersea Regattas after the war.

Harry Tate was born 1872, died 1940

AuthorWinifred Hone
SourceMersea Museum / Wendy Brady