ID: WW01_165 / Winifred Hone

TitleMersea Sailing Club - Winifred Hone memoirs
AbstractThe Mersea Sailing Club was founded in 1866 with Headquarters at The White Hart, then it was transferred to the houseboat EVANDRA, but it went into abeyance during the First World War. There were still several members of the original club living on the Island and it was decided to get it going again when we took over the Victory with Headquarters there. Mr Arthur Hempstead, Mr J. Goodhart, Mr Willoughby J. Bean.

You could feel the wind of change, no longer spoke with the same voice, regarded themselves as a special branch of the community. But the spark of dissention grew into a bonfire when Wyatt, Welham and Gowen put up for membership in 1926. K. Gowen was elected...

[ the article is handwritten and incomplete ...
At an Extraordinary General Meeting in the Victory 14 March 1926, the Mersea Sailing Club was renamed West Mersea Yacht Club. ]

AuthorWinifred Hone
SourceMersea Museum / Wendy Brady