ID: PH01_PNN / Elaine Barker

TitlePeldon Neighbourhood News Introduction
AbstractPELDON 1931 - 1948 Essex County Standard Neighbourhood News.

Introduction I have a book of newspaper clippings (from the Essex County Standard neighbourhood news) concerning Peldon from 1931 - 1948 passed on to Mike Watson by Pat Wyncoll. Pat's parents, Arthur and Mrs Wyncoll née Dansie ran the village shop and his mother's family had run the village shop for years. The village correspondent in these clippings is largely anonymous, two entries alone gives 'Mrs Dansie General Stores' as the contributor, Pat's grandmother.

I have divided the newspaper columns into three sections.

1. Pre World War 2 1931 - 1939

2. Peldon during World War 2 1939 - 45

3. Peldon after the War 1945 - 1948

Appendix 1 Peldon People

Elaine Barker
Peldon History Project

Thanks to Mike Watson and Pat Wyncoll
Thanks to the Essex County Standard for permission to use the newspaper material

AuthorElaine Barker
SourceMersea Museum