ID: OOD_008

TitleJoseph Todd - Royal Navy
Chief Engine Room Artificer P/M 29775
HM Submarine THISTLE

Age 42
Died 14 April 1940
Commemorated Portsmouth Naval Memorial

He was the son of Charles and Catherine Todd; husband of Lilian Todd, of Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex.


HMS THISTLE, built Vickers Armstrong Barrow, launched 1938. Photograph 1939

On the 10th April 1940 HMS THISTLE was torpedoed off Utsira, Norway by U4

In the belief that a German invasion of Norway was imminent Flag Officer Submarines ordered HMS THISTLE to Stavanger with orders to sink any enemy vessel that she may spot in the harbour. On 10th April THISTLE signalled her intentions in complying with this order and that she had two torpedoes remaining after an unsuccessful attack on a U-boat. With this in mind the Admiralty changed her orders to patrol off Skudenes. No further contact was made with the Thistle. It was later discovered that U4, the U-boat Thistle had previously attacked had, sighted the submarine on the surface and sunk her with torpedoes.

1939-45 War Star Atlantic Star 1939-45 War Medal Defence Medal

1939-1945 Star; Atlantic Star; 1939-1945 War Medal; Defence Medal

SourceMersea Museum