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TitleMemory Lane - Seaview Avenue
AbstractHaving recently moved out of Seaview Avenue after some thirty six years, I have decided to take a peek at the avenue as it was around 1911 through the camera of William Hammond of Gt. Totham. Hammond produced some very good postcards at that time and I have chosen three which give a good insight into how things were around 100 years ago.

Shameen, Seaview Avenue, West Mersea

The view above is from the beach. The house on the right is Shameen which became the Two Tides pub and was later demolished to make way for Charleston Court flats. The building on the left in the distance started life as Mrs Weavers Home of Rest and is now a care home.

Brierley Hall cows in Seaview Avenue, West Mersea

This view shows a young Stanley 'Bump' Farthing driving the Brierley Hall dairy herd home from the beach where they have been glazing. The beach had a lot more grass in those days and visitors would have have had cowpats to contend with instead of the present day hazards.

Top of Seaview Avenue, West Mersea c1911

The view above shows Seaview Avenue from the East Road end. The fine houses were an early development by London builder Sam Callow who was also responsible for the Brierley Avenue development, although the actual building was carried out by local builder Clifford White & Co.

Published in Mersea Life June 2018, local page 20.

AuthorRon Green
SourceMersea Museum