ID: ML2018_003_L19 / Ron Green

TitleMemory Lane - widening the Strood
AbstractThe appalling state of the Strood railings is causing a great deal of concern at the moment and doesn't give a good impression to visitors coming on to the island. We have selected two pictures from our museum archive to show work in progress when the Strood was widened and the fencing was improved in the 1930s.

The first photo comes courtesy of David Boddington and is dated 3rd April 1931, shows the work in progess on the west side with the site hut on what is now the ski club land. This view is looking toward Mersea. The second image comes from a postcard of about 1932 and shows new fencing with concrete posts and pavement.

The double posts seen over the wheelbarrow carry the newly installed electricty supply coming on to the island. These posts were set in concrete and although the posts are long gone the concrete remains with the saltings which surrounded them now washed away. The driver of the open tourer car TW 537 sits waiting for the tide to leave the road so that he can continue on his journey towards Colchester.

Published in Mersea Life March 2018, local page 19.

Shocking Accident at West Mersea Strood 1889
Mersea Island - the Anglo Saxon Causeway
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A Study of the Strood by W.E. Duane 1964-65.

AuthorRon Green
SourceMersea Museum