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TitleAppendix II - George Saunders Smith in Australia
AbstractAppendix II

"Dad came to visit us on our farm at a place called Woolooga in the 1968, as at this time he was retired. He had visited a place called Noosa he liked the climate, he said he had had enough of the cold and loved the beaches and the Noosa river. Our family moved from Woolooga to Tewantin then Noosa. Mum and dad emigrated here in 1976. Dad felt under the circumstances, politically, we should all become Australian citizens so got out citizenship in 1986. I believe by his notes dad did a few 'odd jobs' for the Noosa police. He had two houses built at Noosa. The first one was fine until a large shopping centre was built opposite, he could not stand the noise so he had another house built a street away.

He joined the Noosa Arts and acted and sung in a lot of plays. He did write one play and won a award. He spent a lot of time with his grand children going on boat trips up the Maroochy river and climbing Mount Coolum - he sort of got lost from the group and has his photo in the local paper... He loved to fish and paddle in the Noosa river he would come with us to a place called Tewah an old house only water tanks and gas lights right on the beach front at North Shore, there he loved to catch fish - well at least try.... He also enjoyed going to look-out places where you could have a picnic and enjoy the wide country views. He liked our horses but not so much the dogs, he felt horses (probably from his childhood) were useful but not dogs. Unfortunately he became ill but he was able to see his grand daughter Paula marry but died on 27th September 1988 at Nambour hospital. Cremated 30th Sep. at Buderim. His wish for his funeral was to have the United kingdom flag on his coffin and his Goldstream Guards plum from his bear skin hat and to be cremated.

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AuthorJan Davey
SourceMersea Museum