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TitleHarold Rudlin from Lions Talking Magazine 142 August 1990
AbstractHarold Rudlin talking to Frank Osborn for Lions Talking Magazine.
Harold worked for the Electricity Board on Mersea. [except for a period when he was called up in and after WW2, not covered here] 1938 they had a shed at the bottom of Churchfields. From 1939 they had an office and shop on High Street - Harold worked there as a clerk. It was the Tiptree Mersea sub district of Colchester Corporation. Two lorries based at West Mersea, men to connect up houses, repair cookers etc. There was once a staff of about 12 down to 1, and Harold was the 1 when the showroom closed in 1971.
Harold's father, grandfather and great grandfather were all carriers, starting in the 1850s. Horse and cart, but by the time his father was the carrier they had a van.Their depot was in City Road. He also had a lorry which during the war was often used for carrying sand and ballast. The carrier business run separately, often by Arthur Death. They took orders to buy things in Colchester. Oysters and winkles would be taken to the railway station. Ice from Colchester Ice Company would be brought back for the grocers to make their own ice cream. A normal day would be 8.30 to about 9pm. He worked a 6 day week.
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RecordedAugust 1990

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