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TitleKen Ham interviewed by Dennis Chatters
AbstractKen Ham interviewed by Dennis Chatters. Ken is a regular listener to the Lions Talking Magazine and spent his working life in farming. His father was registrar in Mersea for many years and his name appears on many Birth Certificates. He started local farming in Wigborough, working for Mr Hutley, when all the farms had been put down to grass. After a while he started renting a nearby farm for 7/6 an acre - it had been empty for two years.
When Abberton Reservoir was built after 1936, many of the farmers were pleased as the land was not good and farming times were hard. 5 or 6 steam ploughs were used in the Reservoir work. A lot of the water for the Reservoir comes from a pumping station at Stratford on the River Stour, via a pipeline that goes under the Colne at the Hythe.

From Lions Talking Magazine 72 Side 1.

Duration20 minutes
RecordedMarch 1984

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