ID: ML2016_007_L19 / Ron Green

TitleMemory Lane - buses in the ditch
AbstractOn the 29th April last, a double decker operated by First Bus Company ended up in the ditch opposite Bonners on the Mersea Road. This is not the first time this has happened and we show two pictures of an earlier accident. In very windy weather with a South West wind the vehicles often catch a gust or a squall when they emerge from behind the shelter of the buildings which catches the driver unawares. The driver is unable to control the vehicle and it in variably ends up in the ditch.

The old Bonners barn also suffered from the hurricane which occurred in the late 1980s and it still lays there untouched to this day. It got it's name from Mathew Bonner who's widow Elleanor was still farming there in 1871 although he had passed away several years earlier.

Article in Mersea Life July 2016, Local Page 19.

AuthorRon Green
PublishedJuly 2016
SourceMersea Museum