ID: ML2014_007_P51 / Ron Green

TitleMersea Past - Marjorie Costello, Postmen and Postladies
AbstractRecently one of Mersea's oldest inhabitants passed away, Mrs Marjorie Costello was 103 years old and was born in Peldon as Marjorie Hyam.

She was about the last person to remember the German Zeppelin crashing at Little Wigborough during the First World War on 24 September 1916.

The image above courtesy of Miss M.Cock shows five years old Marjorie posing with the special constables who captured the German crew. She is to the left of the picture wearing a white dress. Second from the right in the picture is Clem Hyam, Marjorie's father, and on the right is Edgar Dansie who managed the shop.

Postmen and postladies on bycycles will soon be a thing of the past on Mersea Island. From a date yet to be announced, all deliveries will be made by van or battery powered trolley. The image above from an old photo loaned to me many years ago by the late Margaret Heard shows her father Bill Weeks to right of the picture with colleagues Arthur Keene, Bernard Ponder (from Peldon) and Alf Sherwood. They are seen outside the Post Office which was in Yorick Road at that time in premises now occupied by Tim Humphfries.

Article published in Mersea Life, July 2014, page 51.

AuthorRon Green
PublishedJuly 2014
SourceMersea Museum