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TitleTollesbury - Mr Hasler - Winifred Hone memoirs
AbstractThere are two wonderful windows in the church. The main window is known as the Seafarer's Window to record the close association between the village and the sea. In the left hand are depicted four of the famous yachts that had contested the America's Cup, yacht racing's most coveted trophy. Yachtsmen from the Blackwater district have been connected with this great event ever since 1851. I think I am right in saying that the first race took place in English waters. The yachts depicted in this wonderful modern and colourful window are yawl AMERICA that accepted the challenge of the schooner CAMBRIA, SHAMROCK II skippered by the famous Captain Syscamore of Brightlingsea, and the two ENDEAVOURs skippered by another famous man, Captain Ted Heard of Tollesbury. Also depicted in this wonderful picture are small and large vessels that used the east coast waters for a living. The first ENDEAVOUR broke adrift after leaving America and for about four days the crew were battened down below because of bad storms and dreadful weather. There were fears for their safety in the press.

This beautiful window so full of present day imagination was designed by Mr Derek Wilson and given to the church by Mr F.E. Hasler of New York, having left his native Tollesbury in the early part of the century to make a fortune. This he did but he must have loved Tollesbury very much, and during the passing of time has showered many gifts on the village. I think his first gift was a large meadow hidden away behind the square opposite the Church. It was made at his request into an Elysian garden. I often wonder if he had in mind the souls of those heroes who had died for King and Country in the First World War. I shall never forget my first visit to this beautiful garden, a late spring evening after a refreshing shower of rain, fruit trees and every sort of spring blossom sharing their fragrance with the quickly approaching sea fresh night air, nightingales singing and a brilliant moon to illuminate. Progress and the increasing population have deleted this delightful spot and in its place is a housing estate. In those early days there was no such problem as we are faced with today over the shortage of living accomodation due to progress and an increase in population, but for those who remember that beautiful garden it's a very precious thought. He gave to Tollesbury people the recreation ground, and his last gift was money to build dressing and changing rooms which he realised were necessary amenities.

AuthorWinifred Hone
SourceMersea Museum / Wendy Brady
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