ID: WW01_151 / Winifred Hone

TitleSailing and Social Club 1930 - Winifred Hone memoirs
AbstractSir Travers Humphreys, the learned Judge, used to come to Mersea for a few deays before going on circuit. He had a good regard for the Went family, proprietors of the White Hart where he stayed. Sir Travers was a deep thinking man of very simple tastes, he gave the impression of a man attempting to dismiss from his mind 'death crime deceit and hatred' by coming to Mersea to enjoy the quiet and restfulness of sailing a small boat with Jim Pullen, a well known local with a witty repartee. Although their social standing was widely divided, Jim's wit created a level for discussion. Most days during his visit I was priviliged to provide him with afternoon tea, he was very fond of home made bread and jam which my mother used to make specially for him, and by his thanks I knew that he appreciated her efforts. I remember asking him if being a judge aroused in him a feeling that was not impartial in judging a case that was repugnent to him. His reply was that 'The law should always be administered in cold blood, as long as it wasn't too cold'. When Jim Pullen died another land mark had gone.

AuthorWinifred Hone
SourceMersea Museum / Wendy Brady