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TitleEssex International Youth Camp 1960
AbstractEssex Education Committee Twelfth International Camp 1960 at East Mersea.
One of Barry Paine's first films. Barry went on to a career in the BBC as a film maker and presenter with the BBC Natural History Unit, Bristol. He sent this film to Mersea Museum in 2009. Barry died October 2011.

Barry also sent some of his photographs to the Museum, and after his death the BBC sent more photographs and papers from his estate. They can be seen in IMAGES->Mersea->Youth Camp.

Reunions of camp staff were once organised by David Butcher, I think. He does not appear on the list of Camp Staff then that I still have. I was the assistant entertainments officer , assisting Mr Leslie Marpole and H.St John Edwards (who is now an Essex vicar I believe)...probably retired.).
We ran dances with live bands (Joe Brown) or discs, but not disco, not invented. There was rivalry between ballroom and rock and roll!
Those were great summer days on Mersea Island. Swimming galas in the pool, sailing off the beach , trampolining, coach trips to London etc. Many overseas friends were made. I wonder where they all are today? Many feature in voice on my film.
All accommodation was under canvas and the only permanent buildings were the main Hall and offices and a new Kitchen. All communal meals were taken in a large marquee.

Notes on this film
The Museum has the following papers in its collection:
1. Receipts etc for producing early copies of the film.
2. A shot list for the film, with some rough notes.
3. Notes from "An Introduction to Film Making" held for North Somerset Area Youth Committee" in 1965. Barry taught at this course and used the Youth Camp film on the course.
These papers not scanned, but accessioned as MuseumItem 2012-06-005A and stored in MBOX116.

SourceBarry Paine Collection
Duration10 minutes
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