ID: JBV_013

TitleBlott Family Films - Reel 13
AbstractConverted from 16mm film from the 1950s. For the background to these films, see Blott Family Films

The original file lasts 17m minutes. This edited version is from 02.08 to 02.56 on the original.

Dinghy being towed by the SUSAN. Susan and James Blott and their mother, Che Blott (1912-1994). Charles Spooner at the helm. Rare shots of SUSAN under sail; we rarely sailed, as with SUSAN's flat keel, she tended merely to slip sideways to leeward. Sails were used mainly for steadying.
There is no sound.

Comments by John Blott with minor additions by Tony Millatt

SourceThe Blott Family
Duration1 minute
Updated2022-10-09 19:24:48

This video is not available online and can only be played in the Museum